TA balancing Valve

TA balancing Valve

Buildings in humid climates always in risks to the negative effects related to high humidity problems. These problems are mainly due to mold and fungus that affected the products, human and the buildings.

HEET heatpipes is a simple piece of equipment and yet has significant values that facilitate the HVAC designers to solve the issues related to high humidity problems in many buildings.

Building that required excessive fresh air intake such as hospitals, labs, and hotels should used heatpipes in its AHU to its beneficial. Others are buildings that have high occupancy and required high fresh air in-take like auditoriums, casinos, cinemas, airports, MRT stations and call centers.

Heatpipes should also be in specific purposes buildings like libraries, museums, archives and manufacturing plants that required a lower relative humidity.

HEET heatpipes has the following features and advantages:

Design Features
Totally passive system - no energy input required
No moving part – no maintenance required
Long lasting – no wear and tear
Installed inside AHU – no plant room space required.
Stand-alone unit. Easy to install inside AHU
Uses no pumps or any other mechanical devices
Operates without interference of AHU circuiting
Significant energy savings due to passive pre-cooling and reheat in Humidity Control applications
Downsizing the equipments and lower chilled water consumption is possible due to passive pre-cooling and reheat.
Able to facilitate increase moisture removal by cooling coil in dehumification AHU
Dryer supply air will prevent mold and fungus in the plenums and ducts because the relative humidity is reduce from about 100% when leaving the cooling coil to about
70% when free reheat by the Heatpipe Reheat Coil.
Short Return Of Investment (ROI) period. Investment is justified.
Facilitate to earn valuable points in Green Building rating system like GBI, Leed,BCI,



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